Updates & Welcome!

Greetings, fellow Renner fans! Just here to say that I made a small update to the “About Jeremy” page on the films section.

Also wanted to welcome all the new followers to this blog! I hope you all like it! :)


I removed the Twitter/Facebook/Pintrest buttons at the bottom, I thought they were cheesy looking. I should have removed them sooner. You can find those links on the links page. Also, added some personal links of mine to my other blogs to the links page.


I decided to turn on submissions. I hope to see people contributing to this blog to help make it even better!


Updated the film list on the “About Jeremy” page.

Hey Again…

Sorry for my absence. I have been feeling kind of down lately and needed to work some stuff out, but I’m sorting things out and am back! I thank you all for your patience and understanding. I also apologize for the lack of Renner on my part!

Just a Note About Renner Daily on Facebook…

Tumblr is hating big time and keeps disconnecting my Facebook connection. I am going to try to fix this at some point. I also do want to upload all of my Renner pictures over there, but that will have to wait until life stops shoveling crap on me.

Also, what does everyone think of the little links to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest below? Does it look tacky? Should I just keep them on the links page? Thoughts?

A Little Shameless Self-Promotion Never Hurt Anyone…

For anyone who is on Pintrest, I just started an account there. If you want to follow, please feel free to do so!



I appreciate everyone’s patience with my internet issues. Back now, and I hope my recent picspam is a start to make up for my recent absence.

Just a Note…

Sorry for being absent the last few days, I came down with a pretty nasty cold and slept/didn’t get out of bed for two days. I’m starting to feel better, though.

New Look!

So I decided Renner Daily was in serious need of a new look. I hope everyone likes it and that no one’s Renner viewing was disturbed in the process. What do you guys think of the new layout?